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About Us

At West Forest Construction INC our team is a collection of dedication and professionalism. We specialize in Commercial and residential Construction and Large – scale renovations. Our company will be with you from start to finish. This will include, Project management, Design decisions to Foundation, Framing and choosing the best team to complete your project.

What We Do

Project Management

Our construction project manager will organizes the planning, scheduling, building, resources and reporting associated with construction projects.


We offer contractor services which property owners hire when they want to remodel, renovate, or restore their property.

Extensive Renovations

We also offer extensive renovations as plumbing, electrical, and carpentry to remove and add back in the structure and functionality of an area.

Home Building

West Forest construction is a leader in your custom home building & design in British Columbia. Our build process is easy & affordable.

Home Addition

Here at West Forest Construction, house additions come in a few basic types to address homeowners needs for living space, cost, and style.

Living Spaces

Based in British Columba, West Forest Construction provide a broad range of expert building services for local businesses and homeowners.


Design is a process in which our company will create the description of a new facility, usually represented by detailed plans and specifications.

Renovation Projects

We specialise in refurbishment and renovation of residential and commercial properties. Covering all aspects of refurbishing a property to the highest standards.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was used in tiles, drywall, insulation and 300 plus building materials for decades until the health risks related to it became apparent. Improper removal of asbestos can result in the fibers being released into the air of your home or commercial space, posing a possible health risk to you and other inhabitants.

According to Health Canada, work safe bc prolonged exposure to asbestos can even cause lung cancer.  We are experts in our filed of removal and disposal of materials containing asbestos. Our professional’s seal off the working area by means of (containment) place the environment under negative pressure remove and dispose said products. Once the job is complete and decontaminated the space can be safely occupied again.

Mold Remediation

Mould can be a health concern when water ingress into the walls of a home or commercial space has not been properly remediated. This is especially true if the dampness resulting from it has been undiscovered or unaddressed for long periods of time. Detecting mould infestations in building materials and then removing them is extremely important, both for the health of inhabitants as well as for maintaining the value of the property.

Our professionals are trained in safe mould removal and mould remediation for homes and business properties. We have the tools to detect mould that is not detectable by the human eye, and we then have a reliable protocol for isolating the area and then effectively removing the contaminated building materials.

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